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Welcome to our updated school field trip program pages!

ALNC is in the process of updating our curriculum and aligning it with with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Once completed, each field trip topic will include a program summary link with objectives, vocabulary, NGSS alignment, complementary FOSS modules and a basic program outline so you know what to expect on your field trip.

Extensive pre- and post-visit activities aligned with Common Core State Standards will also be included to create a more holistic field trip experience for students, extending learning into the classroom with turn-key activities designed for busy teachers! If you have questions about how the classroom activities align with Common Core, please contact us.

This is a work in progress; programs will be added and linked
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Discover the integral part habitats play in the ways organisms meet their basic needs in order to survive. In this program, students will investigate the prairie, pond, and forest habitats of the Nature Center, compare and contrast the animals and plants found in each, and explore how each habitat supports life and is changed by its inhabitants. Pond dipping included when possible.

Incredible Insects
Journey to the pond in search of aquatic insects in various life cycle stages. Take a hike through the prairie to inspect pollinators, galls, and ant hills. Roll over logs and examine leaf litter in the forest to discover incredible hidden insects. Finally, sit back and enjoy a puppet show that illustrates the two types of insect metamorphosis, and identify insect parts while examining the Nature Center’s awesome insect collection up close.

Wetland Wonders
Although one of the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems in the world, wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate. Aldo Leopold valued the beauty of wetlands and understood their importance to the natural world. In this popular hands-on program, students will learn to appreciate the hidden wonders of wetlands through an in-depth look at this fascinating and often misunderstood habitat.

The World of Plants
Students will delve into the diverse world of plants by investigating the unique flora of the Nature Center’s three habitats. A scavenger hunt will lead students to the discovery of flowering plant parts as they review the jobs of each part and examine how specialized structures help plants to survive in their habitat. Students will receive a Plant Journal in which to record their observations and thinking during the habitat hikes and sketch their favorite seeds, leaves, and plants!