9th – 12th Grade Programs

Welcome to our updated school field trip program pages!

ALNC is in the process of updating our curriculum and aligning it with with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Once completed, each field trip topic will include a program summary link with objectives, vocabulary, NGSS alignment, complementary FOSS modules and a basic program outline so you know what to expect on your field trip.

Extensive pre- and post-visit activities aligned with Common Core State Standards will also be included to create a more holistic (integrated) field trip experience for students, extending learning into the classroom with turn-key activities designed for busy teachers! If you have questions about how the classroom activities align with Common Core, please contact us.

This is a work in progress and programs will be linked as they are completed.
Please check back often for updates!

Animal Tracking

Aquatic Field Studies

Changes Over Time

Crazy About Climate!

Energy 101

Energy and Society

Forest Math

Glaciers: Past, Present and Future

Leopold’s Life and Legacy

Nature Writing


Outdoor Survival

Small Mammal Ecology

Snowshoe Science

Team Building

Tree ID

Wildlife Ecology

Winter Ecology

Wisconsin’s Wacky Weather